Cryptocurrency Prices & Marketcap


Nowcoin is a social digital currency. Its ecosystem will be created and implemented through the most exiting decentralized trader game the financial history has ever seen. Stay tuned.

Market Last Price 24h Volume Updated
NOWCOIN : BTS0.4094.36 NOWCOIN2019-02-15 07:05:12
NOWCOIN : EASYDEX.US0.740.00 NOWCOIN2019-02-15 07:06:27
NOWCOIN : PERKS1.750.00 NOWCOIN2019-02-15 07:06:19
NOWCOIN : OPEN.BTC0.000.00 NOWCOIN2019-02-15 07:05:57
NOWCOIN : USD0.080.00 NOWCOIN2019-02-15 07:05:29
NOWCOIN : CNY1.000.00 NOWCOIN2019-02-15 07:05:43

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