Cloud mining vs traditional mining. What’s more reasonable?

Cloud Mining Advantages

At Hashtoro, we’re convinced that cloud mining is poised to become a major rival for traditional crypto mining. In fact, the conflict is raging as you read this article, and our litecoin or cloud bitcoin mining operations are the proof.

Even though we know that cloud mining is a reality and a good option for crypto investors, many people still question the feasibility of cloud litecoin mining or cloud ethereum mining compared to established methods.

With that in mind, let’s run through a few of the reasons why cloud bitcoin mining is here to stay, and why it trumps traditional mining techniques.

Cloud mining is completely affordable

In the past, the cost of cloud litecoin mining was one of its main drawbacks. That indeed used to be the case, but thanks to technological and market developments, companies now offer highly competitive cloud ethereum mining options.

In fact, cloud miners are actually democratizing the crypto-mining sector by lowering entry barriers. Instead of needing to invest in servers and heat sinks, companies like Hashtoro provide the infrastructure for cloud litecoin mining and investors pay a fee to access their platforms.

Skeptics might say that cloud litecoin mining platforms are overpriced, but they’re wrong. We offer a minimum investment of 20 euros, which provides a way for almost anyone to get on board the cloud bitcoin mining boom.

Cloud mining is extremely profitable

The low costs of entry to litecoin or cloud ethereum mining wouldn’t mean much without the prospect of real financial gains at the end of the process, but again, this is an area where cloud litecoin mining has improved in leaps and bounds.

Take our services, for example. If you invest 3,000 euro with Hashtoro, you’ll receive 75 TH of cloud bitcoin mining capacity, which translates into around 1.7 bitcoin after one year, and that excludes the appreciation effect of a rising crypto market.

Sure, it’s possible to get higher returns from traditional mining in some cases, but the competitive and generous rate of return from cloud litecoin mining has made it an increasingly attractive proposition.

Hashtoro Cloud Mining

Cloud bitcoin mining is convenient

So far, we’ve talked about the balance sheet aspects of bitcoin, litecoin or cloud ethereum mining, but that’s only one side of the success story we feel people need to hear.

That’s because it misses out one of the key advantages of cloud bitcoin mining: convenience.

Think about it. If you were to set up a home mining rig with 3-5 miners, you would need something in the area of 5kW to power them. Aside from the power demands of a setup like that, the noise and heat generated would make anyone’s apartment uninhabitable before too long.

These factors exclude many people from traditional mining, but cloud mining is far more convenient. With cloud litecoin mining, there’s no need to juggle heat sinks and server cables. You don’t need to convert a floor of your home into a mining factory. Instead, everything is outsourced to professionals.

Cloud mining is ecologically sound

Finally, there’s a very important ecological benefit associated with cloud ethereum mining.

In the traditional model, sustainability hardly factors at all. Standard mining is a recipe for inefficient, energy-guzzling facilities which contribute to climate change and waste energy resources. Cloud bitcoin mining companies like Hashtoro have a better way of capitalizing on the cryptocurrency boom.

At Hashtoro, we know that the cloud mining market is mature enough to take off.

To create our cloud bitcoin mining systems, we secured spacious facilities in Finland which used to be part of the lumber industry. Low-cost leases with the owners have kept costs low, while long-term energy contracts deliver clean hydropower to our servers.

While our cloud ethereum mining servers produce plenty of heat, that heat can be pumped away into well-designed facilities and then re-used to heat other structures. That kind of joined-up ecological design isn’t a feature of traditional mining services.

Viable cloud mining has arrived

At Hashtoro, we know that the cloud mining market is mature enough to take off. Whether you’re interested in Litecoin, bitcoin or cloud ethereum mining, our servers are busy mining away at this very moment, and cloud litecoin mining is becoming more efficient all the time.

Discounting cloud bitcoin mining is a major mistake, so don’t fall for the tactics of skeptics. Explore what cloud Ethereum mining can do for you.

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